Who is Avery?

When I was raising my four kids during my 30s and 40s I had a lot on my plate. I was conscious of staying home to be there for the kids while my husband worked in Boston at his demanding corporate job. Little did I know that staying home and raising kids wasn't enough for me and I felt compelled to add more to my plate as I searched for fulfillment outside of just parenting.

I added working part-time in sales and then personal training, then I added more volunteer work at the schools my kids attended, and in our church. I added playing tennis on a team, golf, and badminton. I loved and enjoyed it all.



I was out of balance and my relationship with my husband and kids and I was starting to suffer. I didn't know how to juggle it all and not drop a ball or how put a ball down. I wasn't happy anymore and my kids and husband were confused why I was angry and resentful about how much I "had" to do, even though I had created it all and said I wanted it all.

I turned my life around when I changed my perspective and was able to take the weight out of the balls I was juggling. They no longer caused me resentment and stress as I became more balanced in my views. Even though my kids are now grown, I still juggle a lot, and can enjoy it all. It's not always perfect, and I find myself with one too many balls in the air sometimes, but I have the tools I teach during the retreat, that allow me to have a dynamic life without overwhelming and to realize when I need to take something off my plate.