I stayed home to raise my four kids who are now in their 20s.  Believe me when I say the crazy teen roller coaster ride was different for each one, and there were times I thought I would never be able to understand them or connect with them. I was always worried about what was around the corner! No one told me my 13-year-old was going to share on FB which base they'd been to with their boyfriend with the whole world, including their church youth group director!

​My strategy was to be "a cool Mom", and I would let them have their way even when my gut was telling me otherwise.  The desire to reclaim the relationship I wanted with them clouded my parental wisdom to protect them. It made me lose my confidence in all my parenting skills when I acquiesced to them.  I struggled with the shame of not knowing how to handle the teen years and had no idea where to get help. I finally turned toward coaching and found the tools I needed.​

Coaching helped me find peace, ease, and flow with each one of my kid's unique ways. Most importantly I regained my confidence and decreased my stress over the next twist on the teen roller coaster because I knew I could handle it better. I learned how to be okay with their ups and downs, how to empathize with them, and not allow my emotions to be swept up in theirs. I didn't have to be the cool mom, I was the confident mom!​

After my youngest went off to school, I followed my passion to help other parents with the teen to adult-transition. Building the confidence and tools they need to navigate the roller coaster ride of raising teens. I became a life coach with a certification in Positive Intelligence Coaching. ​

Now that my kids are in their twenties and still in and out of the house, I enjoy their company when they are home, and they enjoy coming home. We have honest, connected, loving, and mature relationships with each other, and they share their trials and triumphs with me because they know I don't try to solve them.