Why Choose A Life Coach?

It's human nature to stick with what you know, even when we know we are not happy. 
Whether it's a relationship change with another person or improving a relationship within ourselves
(i.e. material items, money, food, our health), people often find themselves repeating negative patterns.  


We stand paralyzed at the crossroads of our lives, longing to make a change, but not knowing how.

Coaching gives you the tools to tap into yourself, to find the path forward that you've been looking for,
and the courage and support to march forward.


Working with a Coach will also hold you accountable to your path, as making these positive changes is
not always easy. Great challenges bring great rewards and Avery will be by your side every step of the way.


Take those next steps towards improving the relationships you want in your life.

Life Coaching is all about you, and empowering you to define and live on your terms.

"Avery is a gem of a person and as a coach. Her totally present,
kind, and spunky/fun coaching helped me to see a couple of key areas
in my life through whole new perspectives that I didn’t know I had in me!
She was so empathetic and fully there with me, which gave me the space
to open up. She listened for what I said, didn’t say, and wanted to say and
offered that gentle nudge I needed to get “unstuck.” Thank you, Avery!!"
Laura King, Boston