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The 4 Pillars of Parenting Teens

 Pillar 2: 
Communicating With Teens

Not many teenagers want to talk to their parents that much. Their reasons are numerous and often sensible; yet for parents, the silence can feel painful and mysterious. What happened to their once chatty little ones? What might teenagers truly want to tell their parents, if only there was the right opportunity? And what might parents want to tell their children in turn, if it didn’t generate an immediate wince or boredom? 

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Regaining confidence and decreasing stress over teenage ups and downs.


Learn how to be there for them and not allow your emotions to be swept up in theirs.


Create the relationship you want with them. 



If you've found your way to this website...

you already know that the crazy teen roller coaster ride is different for each kid, I have four kids and know this first hand. Watching my teens navigate their own relationships, growing pains, and failures, created underlying anxiety in me which led to doubting my own parenting skills. 


No one told me my 13-year-old was...

going to share on FB which base they'd been to and that I would have to fight with them to take the post down, or that my loving sweet son at 14 would stop talking to me, roll his eyes, and refuse to be hugged by me anymore.

My strategy was to be "a cool Mom"...

I would give in to the kids so I wouldn't have to say no. Avoiding disagreeing with them, even when my gut was telling me I should stand firm.  The desire to have the relationship I wanted with them clouded my parental wisdom to protect them.  I struggled with the shame of not knowing how to handle the teen years and I had no idea that help existed, or that I even needed help! It wasn't until they were in their early twenties and late teens that I came across life coaching and found the tools that helped me find peace, ease, and flow with each one of their unique ways.

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The Skills In This Pillar WORK! 


Thousands of people will tell you that this program has worked for them, and I can attest that my clients who participated with me have reduced stress and improved their relationships.



This Pillar will eliminate your stress, deflates others' stress, and opens up the space to have conversations and communicate openly and honestly with each other,

which is the next Parenting Teen Pillar!

The 4 Pillars of Parenting Teens work together and cover the major struggles parents face while raising their kids. 

First parents need to understand what's causing their stress, anxiety, and worry.

Once this is understood it's easier to communicate and hear what your teens are saying, and have them hear you and what you want them to know.

Teens aren't the easiest humans to motivate, and with stress under control and the lines of communication open, parents are ready to help teens self-motivate.

Lastly, we want them to be independent and responsible. The only way to  do this is to let go without mixed messages.

I want to feel less stressed and more present with my teens. How Can I sign up?

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"As a single mother, raising an adolescent, I can now stay calm when my son flips his lid, avoid activating my saboteurs,  eliminate opportunities for emotional escalation, and provides my son with better self-regulation models that he might choose to mimic eventually in his life."

                                                                 -J V-Howard, Montreal QC

"Avery can listen to one's deeper self with immense empathy and compassion. I learned some long-lasting techniques that will continue to help me progress in life on a higher emotional level. Her insights and genuine kindness and concern for success are quite evident. I highly recommend her as a coach."

                                                                  -Katie, Marblehead MA

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Parenting Teens Pillar 1 will cover:

  • The root of your stress, anxiety, and worry

  • How your they affect your parenting

  • How to react with intention 

  • Tools that will calm you down

  • Instill new responses to challenges

Avery Russell 
Parent Coach

Avery works with parents to build stronger connections and relationships with their teenagers who are trying to push them away. Each teen has unique struggles and versions of “ I hate you mom, but you aren’t allowed to abandon me!” The pushback teens exert is an age-old process they go through as they strive to become independent.


Parents worry about keeping their kids safe from today's challenges they never faced, such as questions around identity, mental health, depression, social media distractions, college prep stress, Covid, and online learning.


Working with Avery, parents begin to understand what triggers their worry, stress, and negative reactions when their teens reject them. They learn how to shift to positive perspectives and solidify strong, lifelong bonds.