The whole year before my eldest son went away to school, I spent weeping at every" last" we had together. The last first day of school, the last Halloween at home, the last Super Bowl as a family. When he would come home on holidays, I struggled to make every moment count with him as I felt him slip away. The harder I held on the uglier it got. His first summer home, he barely spoke to me, and I was miserable and struggled with my emotions. I was a mess! By the time my fourth child was ready to go off to school, I still teared up at all our lasts together, but by now, I knew the ropes, and when and how to let go.



Do you struggle with:

-What you want your relationship to be and what it actually is?

-The many challenges of letting go?

-Trusting your adult child can handle their own adult life?

Let's face your fears and find peace to move forward to live the life you want for you and your adult child.



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