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white and red concrete houses beside sea
Balance  Retreat

Croatia April 2023


Enjoying a balanced dynamic life means you can roll with what comes your way and not get overwhelmed. 


Be prepared to engage, enjoy, discover, connect, and

find balance in Croatia.


Learn and practice the tools of living a balanced and dynamic life while exploring the ancient cities of Zagreb and Split.


Bask in the beautiful World Heritage National Park in Plitvice, and relax for a couple of days in a beautiful retreat center.

For more information please set up a call with Avery here


For details and pricing please click on this link: Croatia 2023


Why Go Away?

Like an earthquake, immersing yourself on a  journey in foreign lands amplifies what is truly important. It reveals the cracks in the lies and truths that have sent you out looking for answers.


Anyone can read a self help book, listen to a podcast, or take a course online and stay safe in their own environment as they scratch the surface of what they seek. The ruts and blocks of daily life are still right there preventing you from making real change.


Big changes come from leaving your comfort zone and forces your hand to find clear and tangible solutions. It awakens new ideas and exposes more authentic agency and your truth.


Plunging into foreign lands, language, food, and architecture provide the time, and space from your real life to process and make the changes you really want.


The hero's quest is about identifying injustice and heading out on an escapade to fix it. This is your chance to acknowledge you feel out of balance in your life, choose a new path, set off on your quest and claim it.

Beyond your time in Croatia Balanced Dynamic Living will support and keep your new tools sharp with the opportunity to enroll in its year-long program. It starts with an intensive 8-week course followed by monthly meetings and private coaching. (Enrolling in the full year of BDL unlocks a 10% discount off the price of the Balance Retreat)


Symptoms of an unbalanced life

  • Burn-out which leads to ill-health

  • Lost joy in life which can lead to depression

  • No time for relationships which can lead to

         divorce lost friendships and resentful kids

  • Panic from not being able to keep up and you

         lash out and are uncharacteristically mean 

  • You do too much and nothing gets done well

         so you fear for your job security

  • Stress that leads to weight gain

  • Lack of sleep leaves you irritable and not

         able to focus on important details

  • Can't stay focused on one thing at a time causes less focus at work

How do I know if I am unbalanced?

Do you have a full life with joy, calm, ease, and flow?

If yes, what's keeping you from it

Is your life running you?

If yes, who's in control?

Do you want less chaos?

If yes, what's in your way of finding more calm?

Do you juggle more than you want?

If yes, what can you put down?

You like your full life but it's too stressful?

Do you yearn for more ease and flow in your life?




focus on yourself and dig deep to uncover your truth! 

Balanced Dynamic Living is for people who juggle a lot and have lost their life balance.


Working with Avery, clients learn to transform their overwhelming to-do list, stress, and exhaustion into a balanced life they can enjoy and manage well. 

Down payments are due January 15, 2023 and Space is Limited 

Please contact Avery with any questions and secure your spot on the Balance Retreat Now.

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