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The Balanced Parent

Reduce Stress & Create More Quality Time With Your Kids


What do You Worry About?
 Here's what some parents think about and seek support for...

~Work/life balance

~Mental health for themselves and their kids

~Falling into depression

~Too many social media distractions

~College prep stress

~Coping with drug and alcohol abuse

~Paying for it all

~Being everything to everyone except themself

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Join The Balanced Parent
Inner Circle
One Year of learning and support for parents to create more balance in their busy lives.

You will learn 

  • How to reduce your stress

  • How to juggle your whole life and make time for self-care

  • How to exemplify the values you want to instill in your kids

  • How to remain connected but not attached to every crisis

Joining the Balanced Parent Inner Circle automatically enrolls you into



"As a single mother, raising an adolescent,  I live and feel the benefits of Avery’s parenting workshops. I can now stay calm when my son flips his lid, and avoid activating my saboteurs, which eliminates opportunities for emotional escalation and provides my son with better self-regulation models that he might choose to mimic eventually in his life.

                                                                 -J V-Howard, Montreal QC

" Avery can listen to one's deeper self with immense empathy and compassion. I learned some long-lasting techniques that will continue to help me progress in life on a higher emotional level. Her insights and genuine kindness and concern for success are quite evident. Being coached by Avery went far beyond what I expected. My future is brighter thanks to Avery. She has a gift and immeasurable talent! I highly recommend her as a coach."

                                                                  -Katie, Marblehead MA

Avery Russell : Parent Coach

Avery works with parents who want a more calm and balance life without giving up the exhilarating and full life that they love.

Working with Avery you will find the balance you want without giving anything up. You will discover how to be more efficient and less stressed while enjoying work, life, and kids.


What's Your Parenting Style?

With the internet at our fingertips, we can ask Google any parenting question we have when we have it!


Have you ever wondered why you are having to ask the question in the first place?


Take the Parenting Style Quiz and gain some insight into the struggles you have and why you have them.

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