Parenting 2.0 - The Nine-Month Program
Starting March 16, 2021

This program will transform the parent child relationships to one that fosters mutual respect and understanding. My program will give you the key tools and support to create the love and communication you want with your young adult child. You will reclaim the child you raised and start to enjoy an adult relationship with them.

This program is for parents needing more support as they transition from
a parent/child relationship to a parent/adult child relationship.

The Parenting 2.0 Program will dig into this place where we not only question 

ourselves and our decisions, but also explore what we want our future relationship to be with our adult kids. 

Find new perspectives on how to relate to your adult kids. 

Rediscover what life was like before the kids turned it around. 

Give yourself the gift of time and support while you re-frame this relationship.

You didn't raise them overnight, building a new adult relationship is a major transition
(for everyone involved). 

Avery has an ability to listen to one's deeper self with immense empathy and compassion.

I learned some long-lasting techniques that will continue
to help me progress in life on a higher emotional level."

Katie, Marblehead MA

Stellamaris Coaching LLC

Founded in 2017

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