Parenting 2.0 program

It takes time to transition from parenting a teenager to parenting an adult and there are many bumps along the way. I was raised by a father who held on tight and a mother who left me to my own devices. Looking back I can now see the struggle my dad had when I came home the next day without letting him know I was staying out all night, and how I viewed it as my right as an adult to do as I pleased. I am now in that place with my four twenty-something kids. Three at home and one living far away. Being in such close proximity to my kids living at home, I witness more than they care to share. I have a hard time bitting my tongue over what I see as mistakes. Knowing these are their mistakes to make and grow from is very difficult. I now see I am more like my mother and yes my husband is more like my father, and I see the struggle on both sides! 

Parenting 2.0 Program is about digging into this messy place where we are not only questioning ourselves and our decisions, but also digging deeply into what we want our relationship to be with our kids, and how to sit with the uncomfortable as we navigate our journey.  We also benefit from a trusted community of parents traveling together through the same journey where we can support and learn from each other. 

-What relationship would you like during this transition to look like?

-Does it seem like you are pushing them away when all you are trying to do is communicate?

-Have they turned into mutes and seem to be waiting for the moment they are free from you?

-What are your expectations vs. wishes for your kids?

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