The ConfidentParent


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Support and Skills that Foster a Smooth Ride to Maturity

Does Your Child?

  • Display disrespectful and entitled behavior?                                     

  • Refuse to contribute to the household the way you wish them to?                                      

  • Seem angry and resentful?           

  • Refuse to listen to you?                

  • Resist house rules?

Do YouFeel?

  • Frustrated?                                  

  • Doubt?

  • Under appreciated ?

  • Disrespected?

  • Like the time you have with your growing kids is passing you by?

  • Like you aren't a good parent?


Find out if this program is right for you by scheduling a complimentary call with Avery.

Avery works with frustrated, stressed, and perplexed parents to accomplish the task of turning challenging teens into motivated, capable, and mature adults.


Working through a proven process, parents transform their frustration, stress and doubt, into confidence, certainty, and relief.


They will learn key skills such as when and how to effectively draw a line, and when to give in, how to communicate so they are heard, and the secret to empowering stubborn, unresponsive, and even obstinate teens to be self motivated, respectful and responsible.


With the adolescent window closing and adulthood drawing near, it has never been more important to stabilize parents' confidence and trust in their teens and in themselves as they solidify a strong and life long bond.