What's Next For Me?
  • Are you ready to cut the cord, but can't?

  • Are you ready to write your next chapter?

  • What is getting in your way?

  • What would you write if that cord was cut?

  • What is the relationship with your adult child now that the cord is cut?

One by one my kids have flown the nest, and fly home for holidays and summer.


I feel stuck in limbo as I ache to move towards something that's more about me,
and less about my old life.  

The pull to be available for them is so strong, it feels familiar and right. I hold the scissors in my hand ready to cut the cord, but can't do it! WHY??

"When I started with Avery I felt like I was at a crossroad with a heap of sadness, self-doubt and a small flame of desire for change. I didn’t know where any of the paths ahead of me would lead. I felt lost and that life just happened to me.  Avery stayed with me as we explored, faced challenges and created a better understanding of myself. After coaching with Avery, I could  step up and choose a path allowing my deep down dreams become reality and start living in the present"       

                                                                   -Faith, London