Parenting 2.0 Socials

Join Avery and meet with other Parents of Young Adult Kids for some deep-diving conversations about what parenting is like in your life right now.

Remember the social time you used to enjoy with other parents while hanging at the school playground or while watching the kids play their team sports?

There was a camaraderie we parents enjoyed as we navigated through our kids' respective childhoods. Sharing the trials and triumphs, the recipes and advice. Most of us lose that when our children grow up.


This is exactly what this platform is for. We are in this place of letting them go, and it is filled with pitfalls. Parents need each other now more than ever.


Parenting 2.0 Socials are a place to gather and share what's going on for us, or just sit and listen as you may hear your own story reflected in others. 

Next Parenting 2.0 Virtual Socials

Wednesday June 23, 2021 @5pm (GMT-5)

Wednesday December 15, 2021 @5pm (GMT-5)