Two Weeks Into Home Isolation

The routine is established and the kids have found a rhythm as we navigate around each other. My youngest has just finished his first week of on-line learning, and it went better than I expected. The urge to wake him up when he was still in bed at noon was there, but not overwhelming me. I have fallen back into meal planning, and making larger evening meals which everyone can share, or eat for lunch the next day. It feels like I am moving backwards, yet at the same time it's very familiar. It is where I am comfortable and gives me rhythm, which surprises me. Today as the world wakes up, I worry about my daughter in Toronto who told me yesterday she has a fever and a sore throat. I flat out let her know I am now going to check in with her three times a day. I have gone from "letting go" to "holding tight"! A friend recently described this place we find ourselves in as a see saw, and I feel it!

What are your see saw moments? How are you handling them?

Creating an online platform for my Parenting 2.0 group has been keeping me busy and connected. We are all in this together and need each other as we navigate this very surreal time in the world.

Join me today at 3pm EDT in my Zoom room where we can chat about what our new normal looks like


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