What is Your Relationship Strength?

I recently took a poll called the Power of Strengths. The Clifton Strengths says that it is through our talents and strengths that we tap into our greatest potential for success. My dominant trait is “connectedness” . I believe things happen for a reason and that we as individuals are responsible for our own judgements and in possession of our own free will, but each of our actions and reactions are reflected in the pool we all live in called earth. During this pandemic, there is such a major shift happening to every soul on earth, and I have been feeling it within myself as a tightening of my lungs. I don’t have Covid-19, I have sympathy Covid-19.

Of the four Umbrellas of strengths in the Gallup poll in the Clifton assessment, which are Strategic Thinking, Relationship Building, Influencing, and Executing, my top 5 strengths are all in Relationship Building! This is not a surprise to me, but surprising because most people have a couple of their top 5 under other umbrellas.

My values are all based on relationship building, and when I step up creating and mending relationships, I am rewarded by the universe. That tightness in my chest dissipates. Right now the “connectedness” we have is broken, people are feeling the loss of relationship right now, or are discordant in the forced relationship they find themselves in due to shelter at home. I invite you to look for the new blossoming relationships that are emerging from this pandemic, and re-connect.

-What is the relationship with yourself now since you have been stuck at home?

-What relationships have you rekindled because you are shut in?

-What relationships have you rekindled because you are shut-in?

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