I had an absolutely amazing coaching session with Avery. I began the session filled with contradictory thoughts and a bit of a block on a particular topic related to my family. I left feeling calm, confident, clear, validated, and inspired. At my first session, she went straight to the core of the issue and by the end, I was laughing and crying. Most of all I was clear and inspired. Avery has an ability to listen to one's deeper self with immense empathy and compassion. I learned some long-lasting techniques that will continue to help me progress in life on a higher emotional level. Her insights were insightful and her genuine kindness and concern for success are quite evident. I was part of a group session and It was incredible to watch how she was able to draw out important issues for each of the attendees. It was really remarkable. I gained profound insights into my own personal development and my time being coached by Avery went far beyond what I expected. My future is brighter thanks to Avery. She has a gift and immeasurable talent! I highly recommend her as a coach. -Katie, Marblehead MA

Avery is a gem! She is kind, gentle and thoughtful in her approach to coaching. I took one of her seminars and she has a delightful and engaging way of drawing out insights about yourself or your situation! She guides and assists you to come up with tools you can use long term. I would whole-heartedly recommend her if you are feeling confused, challenged or just want some direction with personal or family issues. -Jeanne P, Newburyport MA

"Avery is a gem of a person and as a coach. Her totally present, kind, and spunky/fun coaching helped me to see a couple of key areas in my life through whole new perspectives that I didn’t know I had in me! She was so empathetic and fully there with me, which gave me the space to open up. She listened for what I said, didn’t say, and wanted to say and offered that gentle nudge I needed to get “unstuck.” Thank you, Avery!!" –Laura King, Boston

"When I started with Avery I felt like I was at a crossroad with a heap of sadness, self-doubt and but also a small flame of desire for change. 

I didn’t know where any of the paths of the crossroads lead, felt lost and that life just happened to me.  

Avery was there with me to explore, challenge and create a better understanding of myself. I could then step up and start making my deep down dreams become a reality while living more in the now rather than in a constant race with myself getting nowhere fast. 

Avery has an amazing gift for asking laser accurate questions with curiosity, compassion, and warmth. I felt safe, truly listen too and understood. As if someone is right there beside me as I was making new senses of things that were previously all a jumble in my head.

I highly recommended coaching with Avery as I now feel calmer, with stronger self-belief and excited about life's challenges."   - Faith, London

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