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July 11 2020 1 pm-4 pm 

The Grief: Boundaries and Ground Rules

What values are most important to you?

How can you design a way forward together?

What boundaries do you all need?

What is the relationship you want to have look like?

August 2020-April 2021

The Grief: Boundaries and Ground Rules

  • We have been raising our kids for at least the last 18 years and have had our successes and failures. Transitioning into treating them like equals and removing the parent hat takes time, thought and attention. We have been protecting them and watching every success and failure with more attention than we are willing to confess to. They seem to be able to transition on a dime, but we parents will have many habits to let go of. This will be a process, and that is why I have created this program. We need the time and attention to go through all the steps in order to find ourselves in the place where we have shifted that parenting hat and can sit back and enjoy a new rich and thriving relationship with our young adult.

August 8, 2020 1-4pm 

The Relief: Family Dynamics


Are they ruling the roost?

Are you still saying "my way or the highway"?

What is the balance you want and how are you trying to achieve it?

What are you at odds with?

Are you ready to cut the cord but can't?

Are you ready to write your next chapter?

August 29, 2020 1-4pm 

Letting Go: What's Next for ME?


What is keeping you from

moving forward?

What does the next phase of being a parent look like for you?

Is your high school senior soiling the nest?

Do you fret over whether you will ever see eye to eye?

Is your 18 year old acting like 15 again?

Are they acting entitled, rude, or disrespectful?

Do they accuse you of treating them like a kid even though that's how they behave?

Are they playing video games or sleeping all day?

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