Helping people who struggle in relationships
with themselves, and with others.
Are you ready to begin again and
aren't sure where to start?
Do you want to create a better relationship
with your adult child?
Create the change you want to see in yourself.
"Avery is a gem!
She guides and assists you to come up with tools you can use long term.
I would whole-heartedly recommend her if you are feeling confused, challenged or just want some direction with personal or family issues."
Jeanne P, Newburyport MA
"I had an absolutely amazing coaching session with Avery. I began the session filled with contradictory thoughts and a bit of a block on a particular topic related to my family. I left feeling calm, confident, clear, validated, and inspired. At my first session, she went straight to the core of the issue and by the end, I was laughing and crying.
                                                                         -Kate Marblehead

Avery Russell, B.A., CTI -Trained Life Coach

Life Coach Training

Positive Intelligence Training Course (2020)


Co-Active Training Institute, San Rafael, CA 

Leadership Course (2019-2021)

Co-Active Training Institute, San Rafael, CA

Coaches Training (2017)

The founder of Stellamaris Coaching, Avery offers private coaching, workshops, a nine-month program, and Goddess Retreats for people looking to understand and build stronger relationships within themselves,
with others, and with their environment.