Avery Russell

CTI trained Leadership & Co-Active Life Coach  

Service, mentoring, and leading are the core values Avery lives by. She is the founder and CEO of Stellamaris Coaching, and creator of Parenting 2.0 - "The Grief, The Relief, and What’s Next", a support group and workshops for parents of adult children. She also coaches one on one for parents who need a little more help connecting with their twenty something kids and developing a strong relationship. Avery has spent the last 25 years raising her four children, serving on boards in education, the arts, and in her community. She recharges her batteries playing badminton, reading, crafting, and laughing with friends and family. 


Welcome to  Stellamaris Coaching. 

I am Avery the owner and founder. I specialize in coaching parents with kids in their twenties on  "the Grief, the Relief, and Letting Go" during this stage of life. I also teach Parenting 2.0 workshops for groups of parents, and host Parent 2.0 socials in my home and on Zoom.


is the 

"Star of the Sea".

It is a guiding light that illuminates

your way.


"When we no longer know what to do, we have come to our real work. And when we no longer know which way to go, we have begun our real journey"

-Wendell Berry

Let's Work Together

I like get to know you by having an informal conversation first. If we decide we want to work together I will ask you to sign up for either a three or six-month contract.

My niche is working with parents of adult children in their twenties. That said we can focus on whatever is important to you. Sometimes clients have very specific agendas. Sometimes they do not. Generally, in just a few coaching sessions we identify what track you would like to be on, and all the important facets of your professional, and/or personal life for you to achieve the desired outcome. I use experiential coaching and visualization techniques to identify alternative paths opening up what you need in order to start taking steps towards your goals.


One of the key benefits of coaching is the structure of the ongoing relationship. It provides support to help clients stay on track and achieve what they are after. 

-My fee is $1,000/3 months/ Six 45 minute sessions, or $1800/6 months/ Twelve 45 minute sessions.

-I typically schedule two sessions per month.  Each session is roughly 45 minutes in length, depending on the topic of the day.

-I have a 24hr in advance cancelation/rescheduling policy and will work with you to try and make your two sessions a month work with your schedule.




Stellamaris Coaching LLC

Founded in 2017